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MEJORC was formed especially to serve the rural communities of Peru. In the past we have worked in the department of Cajamarca. We are beginning a new project in the department of Piura, for which we will have a Fact Sheet set up soon.

The population of the whole department of Cajamarca, Peru, is 1,359,023. Nearly 72% of the population lives in rural areas which are in more need of support and resources.

Simple hand washing and proper water preparation are the best ways to avoid cholera and other diarrhea producing ailments, which are among the top reasons of death in infants. However, these topics are often not taught in remote locations. MEJOR Communities includes hand-washing training in each project and includes proper water preparation in each hygiene training event. MEJOR Communities also puts extra focus on hygiene and nutrition with expecting mothers and mothers of young children to try to reduce infant mortality rate.

Although MEJORC does not have the kinds of resources able to bring electricity to these communities, we do hope to bring more hygienic standards to homes, which may include improved lighting in the kitchen. This can be done either as helping health promoters formulate the paperwork necessary to solicit electricity from other organizations/government, or find resources to bring in clear tiles, which, when put in the roof, let in natural light.

Imagine more than half of 8 year-olds, in the important years of growth and development, sufering from malnutrition. The problem is rarely lack of food, but rather lack of knowledge about how and what to eat. MEJORC aims to provide information about food groups, food preparation, and how to locate all of the necessary foods they need without spending extra money.

For more information on what you can do, see How to Help.

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