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Over the next few years MEJOR Communities will continue to solidify its presence and support both in the United States and in Peru. Following are some of the specific goals and projects we hope to complete.

Partnership in Peru

We have begun the process of writing a contract with two very dedicated Peruvian organizations, MIRHAS, and Nexos Voluntarios. With these partnerships we will be able to work on projects with a stronger presence in the communities and a larger impact on their lives. We soon hope to have developed a project plan directed at training more youth in the department of Piura and ensuing health projects to improve living environments.

Picture Posters

We have received numerous requests from illiterate women to provide picture-based materials along with our classes so that they are better able to retain the information they learn. Because these same women make many of the choices about hygiene and nutrition in their homes, we recognize that picture materials are important to making MEJOR Communities' projects successful. We have developed and printed educational calendars (a Peruvian favorite) and rabbit-raising books. We are still in search of existing first-aid educational, picture-based materials.

Nutrition Enhancement

This program has been put on hold until partnerships are confirmed and a project plan has been established.

For more information on future plans, see our five-year plan.

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